aTULC 12oz printed Cans

The Worlds First High Performance Cans.

aTULC: The Last Can Standing.

The images to your right capture the results from accelerated aging experiments conducted on beverages enclosed in epoxy, BPANI, and aTULC cans. These visuals starkly reveal the risks associated with subpar product compatibility and the variability of can liners, highlighting how they can precipitate corrosion, thereby compromising the aluminum can's structural integrity. Such degradation can cause leaks, alter the taste, lead to additional costs, result in entire batches of packaging being unusable, and in the worst scenarios, lead to the consumption of substances best avoided. Is it worth risking your customer's satisfaction and safety?

RTD Cocktail - BPANI

RTD Cocktail - aTULC


American Canning is now manufacturing aTULC cans (aluminum Toyo Ultimate Can) in Austin, TX. aTULC is an award winning can, specifically designed to better accommodate brands in 'hard-to-hold' beverage categories - cider, wine, cocktails, sour beers, cannabis, etc.

For a quick 60 second introduction on how aTULC's liner is different than epoxy and BPANI, for the benefit of your brand(s), watch this quick video. It is important to note, the aTULC production process is BPA-free, so aTULC cans meet all regulatory BPANI requirements.

aTULC 211 body-diameter, 12oz brite cans are manufactured in Austin, TX and are compatible with 202 end-diameter lids. Pallets are shipped on one way dunnage. For printed can and/or truckload quantity inquiries, contact us.