AT-6 FILLER / SEAMER - American Canning

AT-6 | Atmospheric Six-head Filler/Seamer

Speed and Precision for Mid-scale Packaging


A reliable 60 can per minute production rate with the unique ability to run 30 cans per minute on a single lane


 Easy-to-access, easy-to-change components, combined with some toolless adjustments, help decrease downtime and maintain productivity.


Optimized product control system for ideal fill quality and reduced product loss.

Speed and Precision for Your Growing Business

Key Stats

Fill Method: Atmospheric

Speed: 60 CPM
Footprint: 65” x 22.5”
Can Styles: Standard, Sleek, Slim
Changeover kits required to run multiple can styles
Can Fill Height: 87mm to 188mm / 8oz to 19.2oz standard 211-diameter fill volume cans

Product Conditions

Carbonation: 2.8 volumes CO2 at 33F max
Temperature: 35F at 2.5 volumes CO2 max

Utility Requirements
  • Carbonation: 2.8 volumes CO2 at 33F max
  • Temperature: 35F at 2.5 volumes CO2 max
Filling cans with the AT-6 Filling Machine

The AT-6, six-head, atmospheric filler/seamer, is a production workhorse known for its throughput and quick cost savings. Reliably packaging at 60 cans per minute, the AT-6 offers unparalleled speed for its compact footprint (65” X 23”) allowing users to establish or expand their packaging operations without having to compromise on quality or space. While the calling card of the AT-6 is the ability to fill a can per second, its dual-lane setup allows users to start as low as 30 cans per minute and grow at their own pace. Surprisingly for a machine of its power and speed, the AT-6 is easy to move and simple to maintain. American Canning’s newest machine release, encapsulates years of packaging learning surrounding speed, scale, and precision control – all within a cost-effective, compact, easy-to-approach, easy-to-maintain design.

Crafted in The USA

Every machine we offer is designed and manufactured with pride in Austin, Texas, showcasing the best of American ingenuity and quality. Opt for American Canning and support excellence in local manufacturing, guaranteeing high-performance equipment for your beverage needs.