RT-212 Infeed Table - American Canning

RT-212 | Rotary Infeed Table

Ready to Perform, Easy to Store


Originally designed for use in mobile canning, the RT-212 is built on casters for ease and mobility. 


Smaller than a depalletizer while in operation, the table folds for easy storage and transport between packaging runs. 

Date Coding

An integrated print-head mount provides space for a date-code printer on the outlet side of the flip rinse. 

the RT-212 depalletizers are absolute game-changers. These mobile machines effortlessly navigate client facilities daily, proving their durability and reliability. Quick changeovers save me and money, eliminating the need for various twist rinses. The rotating rinse feature, coupled with a lightweight design, offers the benefits of larger depalletizers in a smaller footprint.

Jason Fullmer - Mercenary canning

Comprised of a counter-rotating tabletop and flip-rinse cage, the RT-212 is built to constantly convey and rinse cans. It is more compact and cost-effective than small depalletizers and whale-tail systems – ideal for lines that are running 10-60 cans per minute and tight on space, or requiring a mobile setup. With the RT-212, every can gets a great start. Sensors communicate with the infeed to only send cans as needed, preventing damage during a stall. Additionally, the starwheel sends cans at constant speed over the print head guaranteeing consistent date-coding.

Crafted in The USA

Every machine we offer is designed and manufactured with pride in Austin, Texas, showcasing the best of American ingenuity and quality. Opt for American Canning and support excellence in local manufacturing, guaranteeing high-performance equipment for your beverage needs.