AT-1 Filler/Seamer - American Canning

AT-1 | One-head Filler/Seamer

Quality Small Batch Canning


A countertop system that also fits comfortably on a rolling cart for easy transport and storage both during and between packaging runs (45”L x 25”W x 89”H)


Programmed with a simplified and intuitive one-page user interface for ease of use by operators of any skill-level.


A single operator machine to enable small scale packaging and freedom from third party canning operations.

The AT-1 has been a game changer for our microbrewery. Our selection and sales of our take out beer offerings have increased tenfold. With limited storage space, we are able offer more selection, package when and whatever we want, and best of all no more minimums from mobile canners!

Lucas Fazzary - Scale House Brewery

More than 350 machines in market.

Canning has never been so attainable. The size and price point make it feasible for small businesses to have an automated canning solution that only a few years ago would have been the size of a school bus and cost 6 figures minimum.

Key Stats

Fill Method: Atmospheric 
Speed: 8-12 CPM
Footprint: 24” x 40”
Liquid: Carbonated
Can Styles: Standard, Sleek, Slim
Can Fill Height: 87mm to 188mm / 8oz to 19.2oz standard 211-diameter fill volume cans

Product Conditions

Carbonation: 2.8 volumes CO2 at 33F max
Temperature: 35F at 2.5 volumes CO2 max

Crafted in The USA

Every machine we offer is designed and manufactured with pride in Austin, Texas, showcasing the best of American ingenuity and quality. Opt for American Canning and support excellence in local manufacturing, guaranteeing high-performance equipment for your beverage needs.