AT-1 Filler/Seamer

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American Canning’s AT-1 single-head filler/seamer is the most compact, fully automated canning system on the market.

Designed for small-batch canning of carbonated beverages, this atmospheric filler runs any standard 211 body-diameter can (8oz to 19.2oz) at 6-12 cans per minute with superior packaging quality and minimal dissolved oxygen pickup.

The machine’s simple one-page user interface gives operators easy access to everything needed while the optional RT-20 infeed/accumulation table (as shown) allows plenty of queue to avoid pauses in fills.


  • Pre-purge and underlid gassing for minimal dissolved oxygen pickup
  • Precision flow control and all stainless-steel fill head technology developed for the new AT-6
  • Rotary-inspired lid application for precise end application
  • Servo-driven seamer for high power in a compact system
  • Integrated post-seam rinse removes excess product from filled/seamed cans
  • Quick-clamp height adjustment to run any standard diameter fill volume
  • Long-life, high-precision seamer tooling with ceramic bearings
  • Portable, fully-enclosed body
  • Integrated drain pan and wash-down rating


  • $35,000 USD
  • +Shipping/Handling


  • Spare Parts Kit: $800
  • Easy CIP Kit: $500
    Includes Keg Adapter
  • Mobile Cart: $400
  • Keg Adapter: $150

Lead Time:

  • American Canning is committed to short lead times for all machines. Based on demand and number of machines per order, lead time may be as quick as 1-2 weeks or up to 6-8 weeks. Please contact for specifics.

Product Specs

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Speed: 12 cans per minute (CPM)
- Speed varies per fill volume

Accumulation: 20 can capacity allows ~2 minutes between refills
- Time between refills varies per fill volume
- Requires optional Rotary Infeed/Accumulation Table add-on

Can Body Diameters & Fill Volumes: Standard (211) 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 19.2oz, 330ml, 355ml, 375ml, 440ml, 473ml, 500ml

Operating Footprint: 15"x18"
- 24"x40" with optional Rotary Infeed/Accumulation Table

- 48"x91" with AT-1 Expansion Bridge and RT-212

Power: 120VAC - 4amps

Compatible with all American Canning Machines equipment. Order with the rotary infeed/accumulation table or upgrade to the complete suite of American Canning Machines for maximum automation and efficiency.

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