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As mobile canners, American Canning knows how tedious and manual secondary packaging can be. The PTA Handle Applicator is an automated, off-packing solution designed to improve the process of applying PakTech® can handles and minimize the number of operators needed to complete a can package.

The PTA runs downstream from a filler/seamer machine and is comprised of three components: a powered conveyor belt, a mounted drop box instrument, and a pneumatic packing mechanism.

As cans exit a fill machine or labeler, they accumulate onto the PTA’s powered stretch of double-width conveyance and queue against a set of stop fingers. Simultaneously, a mounted drop box above the conveyor splits a stack of ready-to-pack handles, individually loading them onto a packing ramp. Once sensors verify enough cans have accumulated to meet the specified packing threshold, the stop fingers retract and push fingers engage behind the cans to drive them beneath a set of packing rollers to enforce the application of the PakTech® handle. This process repeats automatically packing approximately 120 cans per minute.

For customers looking to package multiple fill volumes and/or can styles, the PTA provides complete flexibility. Operators can quickly and easily switch between packaging 4-packs and 6-packs by swapping out the stack of handles and using the selector switch on the control panel and provided stop blocks. Packaging different diameter can bodies is also possible with the purchase of a can body diameter change kit. 

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Speed: ~120 cans per minute (CPM)

Accumulation: 33” (~1 case)

Handle compatibility: PakTech® brand 4-pack & 6-pack

Drop box capacity: ~85 handles

Line compatibility: Ideal for in-line and conveyor belt-fed canning lines but designed to work with virtually all makes and models, including small to mid-sized rotary machines and conveyor-type "non-counter pressure" equipment.

Can body diameter(s): 211 (standard), 204 (sleek) and/or 200 (slim)

Eligible fill volumes by can body diameter:
  Standard 211 (oz): 12, 16, 19.2
  Standard 211 (ml): 330, 355, 375, 440, 473, 500
  Sleek 204 (oz): 8, 10, 12
  Slim 200 (ml): 187, 200, 250

Pricing: $22,000 USD
(Base model pricing includes initial change kit to run standard, sleek or slim body-diameter cans.)

Machine add-ons:
   Spare parts kit: $500
   Stainless casters: $450
   Integrated QC Table: $250
   Additional can body diameter change kit: $3,000 

Lead Time:
American Canning is committed to short lead times for all machines. Based on demand and number of machines per order, lead time may be as quick as 1-2 weeks or up to 6-8 weeks. Please contact for specifics.

Product Specs

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Operating footprint: 55" x 20"

Deck height: made to order

Power: 120 VAC - 5 amps

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