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American Canning is now manufacturing aTULC cans (aluminum Toyo Ultimate Can) in Austin, TX. aTULC is an award winning can, specifically designed to better accommodate brands in 'hard-to-hold' beverage categories - cider, wine, cocktails, cannabis, etc.

Rather than applying internal-only coatings by high-speed spray application, aTULC cans are made from pre-coated aluminum sheet. This creates a more consistent and robust barrier between the raw aluminum and the can contents, internally and externally, which is particularly beneficial for storing higher-acidity products. Pre-coating also eliminates the need for water and any lubricating or washing chemicals within the manufacturing process. Added benefits of the aTULC liner include minimal flavor absorption and drastically increased shelf-stability for hard-to-hold products.

If you've ever struggled with can corrosivity and pin hole leaks, it's best to evaluate 'product-to-package compatibility. Read more+

aTULC 211 body-diameter, 12oz brite cans are manufactured in Austin, TX and are compatible with 202 end-diameter lids. Pallets are shipped on one way dunnage, with protective packaging for maximum LTL shipping efficiency. Available to order in 10 layer or 18 layer pallets. For printed can and/or truckload quantity inquiries, contact us.

Product Specs

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  • Manufacturer: American Canning
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lining: aTULC
  • Color/Varnish: Gold, Glossy
  • Fill Volume: 12oz/355ml
  • Body Diameter: 211
  • End Diameter: 202
  • Finished Can Height: 4.811” +/- 0.008”
  • Flange Width: 0.082” +/- 0.010”
  • Flange Angle: 15 deg MAX
  • Neck Plug Diameter: 2.063” REF

Click here to download can specifications. Contact us for truckload quantities. Also available in silver, glossy white and matte black.

Current Lead Time

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  • Less-than-truckload: 2-3 business days
  • Full truckload: < 1 week (contact to confirm availability)

Shipping Configuration(s)

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  • 10L Pallet: 3,890 cans; 56" x 44" x 55", 160lb
  • 18L Pallet: 7,002 cans: 56" x 44" x 93", 260lb
  • Cubic capacity: 4 pallet spaces of cans + 1 supply pallet
  • Orders exceeding cubic capacity are subject to rate adjustments and/or split shipments.
Full Truckload 
  • Full-height pallet: 7,780 cans; 56" x 44" x 102"; 242lb
  • Capacity: 22 pallets

Damage Policy

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If a pallet/product arrives damaged, please DO NOT reject the shipment. With limited supply across many products, we cannot guarantee immediate replacements nor offer a refund until an official claim has been processed. Damage of up to two percent should be anticipated in transit due to the sensitive nature of cans. Damage in excess of two percent should be documented with photos at the time of receiving and noted on the BOL, as well as communicated to the carrier driver and American Canning as soon as possible. The best course of action is to accept the can pallet, note total damage, communicate with our sales support team and we will work to offer a credit/replacement (pending supply availability) for the damaged cans.

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