CP-4 Filler / Seamer

CP-4 | Four-head Filler/Seamer

Precision Packaging for Varied Product Conditions


Counterpressure technology is able to fill cans with any type of beverage, from still products up to the most carbonated beverages in your line.


An intuitive, user-friendly interface removes the complications from the counterpressure machine experience.

Fully automated

Filling 20-30 cans per minute of any beverage type and nearly any can size is possible with this system that

The CP-4 has given us unparalleled control over our packaged beer quality. The machine works reliably with minimal downtime and DO pickup; and the AC support team has always been there for us for those rare issues that arise.

Ryan Bishop - Meanwhile Brewing

The CP-4 grants users versatility in product packaging without the cumbersome user experience or typical complications of larger-scale counterpressure filling. The CP-4 is a four-head system with counterpressure capabilities that has been simplified to give small-to-mid scale producers access to 20-30 cans per minute in nearly any fill volume at 30-50 PSI. Its intuitive user interface is easy to learn and  allows operators to quickly align filling parameters to a specific product state. With its modern, open design, users will find the machine easy to access, changeover, and maintain. Incorporated head pressure control and intermittent filling ensure maximum product quality with minimum loss or waste. The CP-4 is best suited for beverages makers producing more than one type of product, or desiring more flexibility in the production and packaging parameters.

Product Specs

Built for operations that prioritize package quality across a wide range of beverage types, the CP-4 provides operators a refined and intuitive user interface to quickly match filling parameters to specific product conditions.

Fill Method
20-30 CPM
55” x 20”
Carbonated and Still
Can Styles
Standard, Sleek, Slim | Changeover kits required to run multiple can styles

Crafted in The USA

Every machine we offer is designed and manufactured with pride in Austin, Texas, showcasing the best of American ingenuity and quality. Opt for American Canning and support excellence in local manufacturing, guaranteeing high-performance equipment for your beverage needs.