4-Head Filler / Seamer

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From American Canning Machines (ACM), the 4-head Filler/Seamer is an automated, counterpressure canning system designed to take empty beverage cans and fill them with carbonated or still product before sealing them with a can end. 

Counterpressure filling allows for more complete control of beverage delivery than open atmosphere systems and accommodates a broader range of beverage packaging.

Unique to the ACM filler/seamer, ends are applied via a star wheel mechanism. This results in fewer missed lids, reduced waste and limited downtime. Additionally, the star wheel incorporates underlid CO2 and a bubble breaker to effectively reduce dissolved oxygen pickup.

The seaming unit is powered by a compact servo motor for high power and speed in a small package. The seamer can also be removed entirely so that required maintenance can be conveniently performed on a bench top.

Changing between can heights is easily accomplished in minutes by simply loosening and re-tightening eight bolts.


  • Counter-pressure filling
  • Rotary-style lid applicator
  • Active seam load monitoring
  • Included temperature / pressure monitoring
  • Automatic CIP cycle
  • Included post-fill rinse/air
  • Integrated tank pressure control

Recommended Add-ons:

  • Citronix CIJ date code printer
  • Expanded spare parts kit
  • Easy CIP kit
  • Advanced seam inspection kit
  • Can diameter change kit (if packaging more than one can body-diameter)
  • LN2 doser (for still product)

The Complete Canning Suite

Product Specs

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Speed: 25-35 CPM

Can Body Diameters & Fill Volumes:
Standard (211) 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 19.2oz, 500ml
Sleek (204.5) 8oz, 10oz, 12oz
Slim (202) 187ml, 200ml, 250ml
*Can diameter change parts are available at an additional cost

Operating Footprint: 55" x 20"

Power: 120VAC - 5amps

Air: 5 SCFM air at -90 PSI

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