Slim 200 CDL-W 10-State Can End (BPANI)

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PLEASE NOTE - CDL-W ends are designed for Slim 200 end diameter cans. They are not interchangeable with CDL/CDL+ ends, which are designed for Standard 202 end diameter cans. Due to food safety, we are unable to accept returns for opened end product(s). Please verify the can end size is compatible with your canning line seamer PRIOR to purchase.

For full pallet quantities, please contact our customer service team.

Designed in response to the demand for more sustainable packaging solutions, the CDW can end is 10% lighter than standard lids. It maintains full performance characteristics, creating both a seamless transition for your customers and the opportunity to help save the environment. 

  • Decreased metal use
  • Standard, stay-on tab
  • Available in silver
  • Fit slim, 202 body-diameter beverage cans

Prior to ordering, please verify the can end size is compatible with your canning line seamer.

Product Specs

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  • Fit slim, 200 end-diameter beverage cans
  • 575 ends per sleeve
  • 10-15 sleeves per box
  • 10-state deposit labeling

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