The Olympics are over but gold is on our mind.

Last month, we watched in awe as athletes from across the globe landed triple axles and back-to-back 1440s in their pursuit of Olympic Gold.  We cheered for the underdog teams and celebrated like crazy when women’s hockey and the curling team were able to realize their dream.

There’s something about this type of global competition that brings everyone together. It inspires excellence, rewards innovation, and regardless of the outcome, celebrates the hard-work that everyone has put in to become masters of their craft.

In May, brewers from across the globe will compete in “The Olympics of Beer Competitions,” the World Beer Cup℠.  The competition recognizes brewing excellence in 101 style categories with more than 6,000 beer entries from nearly 2,000 breweries in 50+ countries.

We recently had the privilege of offering canning services to several Texas craft brewers for their WBC entries. We shared laughs with customers, enjoyed getting to know new up-and-coming breweries and anticipated celebrating the success of many awesome beers being created in the Lone Star State.   

While on-site, Amos Lowe, brewer at Austin Beer Garden Brewing said, “I’m most excited about the Texas beer scene because of the quality of the beer here. Ya know, Texas won 21 GABF medals this year. We beat Oregon for the first time. That says a lot about what we’re doing.” 

To many, Texas beating a brewing-powerhouse may have been as unexpected as the US clearing two Swedish stones. For those of us in the state though, it was as familiar as a red trucker hat and mustache; something that just seems right.

We only play a small role in the entry samples, but we enjoy knowing that every Texas customer who wants to compete can (no pun intended) - packaging is not a limitation or requirement. Beyond the individual beers, it’s about celebrating what Texas is brewing as a whole.  

Charles Vallhonrat, Executive Director of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, explains, “Along with the personal satisfaction brewers feel when their beer is recognized by their peers, awards from competitions like the World Beer Cup demonstrate on a national and international stage that Texas is producing some of the highest quality craft beers. That recognition then draws people to the beer scene in Texas, bringing tourism dollars to the overall tourism industry, the craft beer industry, and the state. As a trade association for craft beer, we couldn’t ask for more.”

Caroline Wallace, Deputy Director of the Guild adds, "As a very large state with a thirsty population, the vast majority of Texas craft beers never make it outside of Texas. Competitions like the World Beer Cup are an opportunity for our members to gain recognition on the international stage for the world class beers we all have the opportunity to enjoy any day right here in Texas."

While the Olympics may be over, we still have gold on our mind and are sending good vibes to all our customers competing in the Cup. We’re proud of the work that you’re doing and can’t wait for others to experience it on a national/global stage as well.

The World Beer Cup℠ (WBC) and Great American Beer Festival® (GABF) are trademarks of the Brewers Association

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