From Oh $*%# to Oh Ship! - Minimize Freight Costs

Let's be honest, we all have a little sticker shock when we see shipping quotes that aren't free delivery in two days. Shipping is the necessary evil of every online order and the cost that customers dread seeing calculate. What if we told you there were ways to minimize the dread and decrease your cost?   

By understanding which shipping services are available, what each service means in terms of transit time and delivery style, and how they apply to different product quantities and mixes, you can optimize your order for the lowest landed cost.

Shipping Options

  • LTL (less than truckload) - ANY order including aluminum beverage cans AND/OR full pallet quantities of any packaging supply will ship via LTL (less than truckload) freight services. We have negotiated special rates with our carriers and are proud to pass significant savings to you. If you think the rate is high, try separating cans from additional supplies in your cart or e-mail us at to receive a manual quote. Orders shipped via LTL will arrive on shrink-wrapped pallets; lift-gate service is available on request.
  • UPS Ground – Supply orders NOT including cans are eligible for UPS Ground services. Packages shipped via UPS Ground arrive as individual boxes, not on a pallet. To avoid expedited services, place your order early in the day and early in the week. Orders received before 12:00pm central ship same-day from postal code 78744. To view the exact travel time between our destination and your production facility, click here. Keep in mind, if expedited services are needed, rates are automatically calculated based on dimensional weight and can be much higher than anticipated depending on the exact product mix.
  • UPS GFP – This is the true money saver! GFP services apply to any supply order from 150 to 999 pounds, not including cans. Orders ship with ground service and deliver as individual packages but rates are quoted with LTL pricing.
If UPS GFP is available, expect to save up to 30% or more in costs.

    Aluminum Cans

    • Ordering in full pallet and full layer quantities is always best. We’ve taken the math out and designed our website to automatically calculate the most efficient quantities for standard LTL trucks. Information on how pallets are packaged per can size can be located in the ‘Product Specs’ section of each product page.
    • If you’re arranging your own shipping, make sure that each freight classification code is correct. Classes are calculated based on density and greatly affect the landed cost.
    • Keep in mind that empty aluminum cans are extremely fragile; there are many transfers in LTL shipping and roads can be rough. Anticipate a few minor dents/dings on the outside edges of the pallet and allow for a few extra cans in your order. If damage extends beyond the outside edges of pallet, snap a picture on delivery, document the damage on the BOL and let us know immediately. We take every precaution to ensure cans arrive safely, but we’re also not too proud to admit that shipping such a fragile product has its challenges.

    Can Ends

    • These are best shipped in master pack boxes for any quantity divisible by 10 or 15.
    • UPS GFP will apply at 45 sleeves (excluding 32oz ends)

    PakTech Can Carriers

    • All styles of PakTech are sold by the box – mix and match as many colors as you want.
    • UPS GFP typically applies at seven standard boxes
    • Full pallet quantity = 40 boxes

    Case Trays

    • Like can ends, these are best shipped in bundles and like cans, we have already done the math. Auto-locking trays ship in bundles of 120 or 1,400 per pallet and rollover trays ship in bundles of 180 or 1,440 per pallet. UPS GFP applies at 5 and 3 bundles respectively.

    If your planning to order six boxes of PakTech or four shippers of case ends, try adding another box to your order to see if different shipping services apply.

    It’s not about an upsell, it’s about spending less and receiving more.

    Passing along our negotiated rates and continuing to increase our service options is just another way we’re committed to craft and seeing all craft brands in cans.

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