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Custom printed cans offer full coverage branding, combined with the most cost savings. Single truckload minimum order quantities apply.

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Speed & Precision in Packaging

Our newest machine release, the AT-6, is a production workhorse marked for its throughput and quick cost savings for mid-scale manufacturers.

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Test Out the Toughest Can

aTULC cans are proven to combat corrosion and extend product shelf-life for hard-to-hold products. Experience the differece yourself.

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The Machine to Flock to

AT-6: Filler/Seamer

Reliably packaging at 60 cans per minute, the AT-6 offers unparalleled speed for its compact footprint (65” X 23”) allowing users to establish or expand their packaging operations without having to compromise on quality or space. While the calling card of the AT-6 is the ability to fill a can per second, its dual-lane setup allows users to start as low as 30 cans per minute and grow at their own pace. Surprisingly for a machine of its power and speed, the AT-6 is easy to move and simple to maintain. American Canning’s newest machine release, encapsulates years of packaging learning surrounding speed, scale, and precision control – all within a cost-effective, compact, easy-to-approach, easy-to-maintain design. 

The Only Beverage Can for Hard to Hold Brands

Multiple trails comparing can integrity and shelf-life performance show aTULC cans outlast BPANI and epoxy cans.

The results starkly reveal risks associated with subpar product compatibility and variability in can liners: leaky product, altered taste, lost batches, and potential safety concerns.

Protect your brand and customers.


BPANI : Spirits RTD

aTULC : Spirits RTD

Metal Enamel Rating Diagram

How Enamel Rater Testing Confirms Liner Consistency

Traditional can liners like BPANI and epoxy are suitable for standard beverages, but what about more challenging drinks such as wine, cider, and RTD cocktails? These types of beverages often contai...